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Want to save time and money? Use our brochure mailing option. We have a solution for you! With our full service mailing 
department we eliminate the hassle of spending your time addressing and licking stamps.

Our normal turnaround to have your brochure, postcard, catalog or magazine printed and mailed is 5 - 6 days. 

Contact customer service if  your mailing project needs wafer sealing, inserting or collating.
8.5x11 Folded to 5.5x8.5 8.5x11 Folded to 5.5x8.5 Free Template Free template 8.5x14 Tri-Fold 8.5x14 Tri-Fold Free Template 8.5x14 Tri-Fold Template
8.5x11 Folded to 5.5x8.5 with Mailing 8.5x11 Fold to 5.5x8.5 with Mailing Free Template Free temlate 8.5x14 Z-Fold 8.5x14 Z-Fold Free Template 8.5x14 Z-Fold Template
8.5x11 Tri-Fold (Letter) 8.5x11 Tri-Fold Free Template 8.5x11 Tri-Fold PDF Template 11x17 Folded to 8.5x11 11x17 Folded to 8.5x11 Free Template 11x17 Folded to 8.5x11 Template
8.5x11 Tri-Fold (Letter) with Mailing 8.5x11 Tri-Fold with Mailing Free Template 8.5x11 Tri-Fold with Mailing Template 11x17 Z-Fold 11x17 Z-Fold Free Template 11x17 Z-Fold Template
8.5x11 Z-Fold 8.5x11 Z-Fold Free Template 8.5x11 Z-Fold Template 11x17 Roll Fold 11x17 Roll Fold Free Template 11x17 Roll Fold Template
8.5x14 Folded to 7x8.5 8.5x14 folded to 7x8.5 Free Template 8.5x14 Folded to 7x8.5 Template 11x25.5 Tri-Folded to 8.5x11 11x25.5 Tri-Fold Free Template 11x25.5 Tri-Fold to 8.5x11 Template
8.5x14 Double Parallel Fold 8.5x14 Double Parallel Fold Free Template 8.5x14 Double Parallel Fold Template 11x25.5 Roll Fold 11x25.5 Roll Fold Free Template 11x25.5 Roll Fold Template
8.5x14 Roll Fold 8.5x14 Roll Fold Free Template 8.5x14 Roll Fold Template  




Brochure printing is one of the best ways to market your company. With a brochure you can give your customers an overall look into your business or organization. With our wide range of brochure sizes and folding options, you'll be able to have your brochure printed, mailed and in your customer hands without leaving your desk. Impress your customers with a stunning full color brochure.

We can fold your brochure in one of the following ways. Letterfold (known as tri-fold brochures), roll fold, Z-fold, double parallel fold, or accordion fold.

Save time and shipping, have your brochures printed and mailed all in one place. We will CASS certify your list to make sure all your addresses are valid. We will remove duplicates so your not paying for postage twice. Once we clean your list we will barcode each address so your mailing will be automated for fast post office processing.

Having a self-mailer brochure printed and mailed can save your company a substantial amount of money. With direct mail always consider a self-mailer.

When you are talking a self-mailer alway be creative when designing, remember you dont have an envelope to contain any extra printing material.

Here are some design tips for self mailing brochures:

1. Check with your local USPS mail peice design unit. They can help you in the layout to make sure you follow all mailing requirements for folding and tabbing.

2. Make your brochure POP! Color, Color and Color. The fewer the words needed to convey your message, the better. Include as many graphics as possible to sell your products. They say, a picture is worth a thousand words!


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